ASEAN Youth Forum: Where is my voice?

By Flower of Salween I participated in the 2015 ASEAN Youth Forum (AYF), held in Malaysia, which was both enjoyable and very powerful. Youth from the ASEAN community, including people from Myanmar, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Philippines, Singapore, and [...]

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Advocacy Training and Study Trip in Thailand

Advocacy Training and Study Trip in Thailand Phoe Thaike youth from Myanmar, supported by TDH-G I joined advocacy training at Earth Right School with earth right students and Mekong youth who from different regions. We studied about Campaign and Advocacy. [...]

By |December 9th, 2014|Human Rights, Youth Empowerment|

Help children think outside the box

Above all, the lesson from school assemblies across Thailand is this: Fall into line. Above all, the main point of the frequently humiliating and sadly too often fatal induction and hazing ceremonies at universities across the country is this: The individual [...]

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A Report for ASEAN Youth and People Forum Participants

Mekong Youth Network and Mekong school alumni Meeting By: Mueda Nawanat Most of our participants attended in this meeting for their first time; we did activities for exchanging experiences from each person. We have been learned the proud of stories [...]

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Youth Learn! Youth Teach! Youth Perform!

After performing Cambodian Classical Dance in support of Transgender Rights in our Human Rights in the USA Program last summer, Kanal Khiev gave a workshop on how to use the arts for social change for EarthRights in Thailand. From the Global Youth Connect Human [...]

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The International terre des hommes Youth Network in Germany, October 2011

Declaration of the International terre des hommes Youth Network Preamble: Youths from different corners of the world gathered from 22 September 2011 to 3 October 2011, representing the countries of South America, Central America, Africa, South East Asia, Germany and [...]

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