Help children think outside the box

Above all, the lesson from school assemblies across Thailand is this: Fall into line. Above all, the main point of the frequently humiliating and sadly too often fatal induction and hazing ceremonies at universities across the country is this: The individual [...]

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A Report for ASEAN Youth and People Forum Participants

Mekong Youth Network and Mekong school alumni Meeting By: Mueda Nawanat Most of our participants attended in this meeting for their first time; we did activities for exchanging experiences from each person. We have been learned the proud of stories [...]

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Youth Learn! Youth Teach! Youth Perform!

After performing Cambodian Classical Dance in support of Transgender Rights in our Human Rights in the USA Program last summer, Kanal Khiev gave a workshop on how to use the arts for social change for EarthRights in Thailand. From the Global Youth Connect Human [...]

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The International terre des hommes Youth Network in Germany, October 2011

Declaration of the International terre des hommes Youth Network Preamble: Youths from different corners of the world gathered from 22 September 2011 to 3 October 2011, representing the countries of South America, Central America, Africa, South East Asia, Germany and [...]

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