The Young seed of Salween River

By Kanokphorn Chanphloi April 19th, 2019 Why must protect the Salween River? We asked the youth group representatives. One youth responded with an ambitious eye and a strong voice that “Salween is our life, it is our breath. We once [...]

Where the Rivers Meet: Our Future Community Leaders

By Weaving Bond Across Borders, 3rd April 2019 This publication features stories of women who sharing their struggling, experiences, commitment, work and their encouragements to make changes in the society. There are 14 stories in this publication. Read story [...]

‘New Book: Becoming Mekong-Youth’ released!

'The Journey of Youths in Defending for Ecological Child Rights and youth rights.' 2nd February 2019 By Mekong Youth Assembly To capture how Mekong Youth Assembly is now today, the ‘Becoming Mekong - Youth” publication was created. This publication tells [...]

Youth Voices: The new generation of Salween

By Kanokphorn Janploy September 29,2018 The youths and children show their solidarity to protect Salween River. Photo by Thanakrit Thongfa “Sharing on the value of Salween river Youth Camp” is like a creating space or community capacity building [...]

Mekong youth voice: A voice at international forum

June 24, 2018 By Mekong Youth Assembly As a young woman who always advocates for youth voice to protect Mekong river, Saroeurn Leakhena, a young activist traveled to attend the 8th World Water Forum  “Sharing Water” that was held from [...]

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Mekong Youth Assembly and International Rivers Submission to Representative of Malaysia to the ASEAN Intergovernmental Commission on Human Rights (AICHR)

        The Mekong Youth Assembly and International Rivers are pleased to provide this submission to Edmund Bon Tai Soon, the ASEAN Intergovernmental Commission on Human Rights (AICHR), with observations and suggestions on the environment and the rights [...]

Study Trip to Ban Haeng village, Thailand

Note taken by Sotheara from Cambodia Mekong Youth Assembly had a meeting with the community representatives to learn and to discuss about their concerns, and how they are coping with struggles due to the coal development project. The community representatives [...]

The Mekong Youth Environment Symposium

By Sotheara Pharn (Youth from Cambodia) I am so grateful for an opportunity to participate in a 3-day training workshop named “the Mekong Youth Environment Symposium” that was conducted in Chiang Mai, Thailand from 21st to 27th September 2017.  The youth participants [...]

Ecological Child Rights in the International Levels

By Mekong Youth Assembly In September 23, 2016, Tom Weerachat represented the Mekong Youth Assembly to give a presentation at the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child’s Day of General Discussion on Children’s Rights and the Environment (DGD16) at Palais [...]

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A Journey to Remembrance: Children’s Simple Story of Lives and the River

“The municipality office is over there.” “Ah, yes,” a 12-year-old girl stopped cycling to reply to a question from a stranger after he asked her for directions. “Could I talk with you for awhile? I’m in search of a [...]

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