Terre Des Hommes Germany – Southeast Asia

The term “terre des hommes,” means “earth of humanity.”The term is taken from a novel by the French humanist Antoine de Saint Exupery. How humane are earth’s societies? Perhaps one of the best indicators is how they care for their children.

The first terre des hommes began in Lausanne, in the French speaking region of Switzerland. Similar initiatives were taken in other countries, and on January 8th, 1967, terre des hommes Germany was founded. With a nucleus of 40 people, the organisation’s first actions were rescue missions for war-injured children in Vietnam. For more than 30 years since that time, children in the South have been the focus of terre des hommes. Wherever there is war, hunger or oppression, children are the first victims.

Today, the German section of terre des hommes has its main office in the German city of Osnabruck, and co-ordination offices in Asia, Africa and Latin America. The Regional Co-ordination Office for Southeast Asia was established in Bangkok, Thailand in 1976.

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