Ecological Child Rights in Mekong Delta: ECR Game show

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Raising Ecological Child Rights in Germany

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We are standing for Ecological Child Rights

By Mekong Youth Assembly “I want to live in a safe environment now and in the future, and I want my voice to be heard”, a young Lao youth representative from Mekong Youth Assembly said as she expressed how she [...]

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Youth group traveled there to learn about community’s participation on forest and river management

By Dokkeo Sykham (The Voices of Lao Youth) Welcomed ceremony by community leaders, introduction the community history and anti-dam movement presentation.  Six youths from Laos traveled to join Kaenseuaten trip with Mekong school (EarthRights School) which this trip [...]

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The Case Studies of Ecological Child Rights

By Mekong Youth Assembly Case study 1: Blood Sugar “Kohkong Sugarcane Plantation, Cambodia” In August 2006, the Cambodian Government granted economic concessions in Koh Kong Province to two Cambodian sugar companies (Koh Kong Plantation and Koh Kong Sugar Industry), both [...]

The Concept of Ecological Child Rights

By Mekong Youth Assembly I. Ecological Child Rights The last few decades have seen a huge rise in public awareness regarding the causes and effects of human-induced environmental degradation. Worldwide, people are experiencing the negative impact of water and food [...]

A Na Xi Women’s Life Story

The Voices of Na Xi Youth Today, many women are still facing gender discrimination in their family, schools, workplaces and society. When a woman doesn’t have a ‘stable’ job, her position in the family and her social status become much [...]

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A Journey to Remembrance: Children’s Simple Story of Lives and the River

“The municipality office is over there.” “Ah, yes,” a 12-year-old girl stopped cycling to reply to a question from a stranger after he asked her for directions. “Could I talk with you for awhile? I’m in search of a [...]

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Children’s Day

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PROGRESS REPORT of The Mekong Youth Assembly

1. Activities Activities 1:    Youth Advocacy Training 21 youth- led group from Vietnam, Occenden Cambodia, Thai Sik Kha Association, IMPECT Association from Thailand, Mennonite Central Committee from Laos, Kalyana Mitta Development Foundation from Myanmar, and Norden Travel from China to [...]

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