Shining: Co-Powering Communities of Shan State (Myanmar)

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The Case Studies of Ecological Child Rights

By Mekong Youth Assembly Case study 1: Blood Sugar “Kohkong Sugarcane Plantation, Cambodia” In August 2006, the Cambodian Government granted economic concessions in Koh Kong Province to two Cambodian sugar companies (Koh Kong Plantation and Koh Kong Sugar Industry), both [...]

The Concept of Ecological Child Rights

By Mekong Youth Assembly I. Ecological Child Rights The last few decades have seen a huge rise in public awareness regarding the causes and effects of human-induced environmental degradation. Worldwide, people are experiencing the negative impact of water and food [...]

Planned Ywarthit mega-dam on Salween River threatens Karenni communities

Ko Thaike (The Voice of Myanmar Youth) The Salween River is the last major free flowing river in Southeast Asia, and it is currently under threat from mega hydropower dam projects. If we do not protect the Salween River, we [...]

Training workshop program analysis of the impact of Don Sahong dam to the prosperity of the Mekong river.

By NGUYEN KHIEM (The voice of Vietnam Youth) THE PARTICIPANTS SIGNED THEIR NAMES AS A COMMITMENT TO PROTECT THE MEKONG RIVER Twenty active youths from eight of thirteen provinces of the Mekong Delta had provoking discussions about Don Sahong Dam’s Impacts on [...]

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The Resettlement site: Better lives or more poverty?

By Dokkeo Sykham (The voice of Lao youth) “They (dam developer) said that our lives would be better, we would have lot of money and good houses, we would be happier. But, look what we are now, we even could [...]

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The Statement of Mong Pan (Mongton) Local Communities on proposed Mongton dam

10 March 2015 We, a local people from Mong Pan and Mongton where each township is 33 miles distance from the proposed Mongton hydropower project have not received any information relating to the project. We are writing to express our [...]

Cambodian Villagers Threaten Renewed Protests Against Dam Developer

Indigenous villagers perform a spiritual ceremony to curse the developer of the Lower Sesan 2 dam in Stung Treng province, Feb. 28, 2015. Hundreds of indigenous villagers on Monday threatened to continue protests against the developer of a [...]

Dam public consultation ends in protest, criticism

By Lun Min Mang Doubts surrounded both the conduct and the outcome of the first public consultation meeting on the Mong Ton Dam in Taunggyi yesterday. Activists wearing headbands calling for an end to dams on the Thanlwin River stand [...]

Sustainable Hydropower Pitch for Burma Difficult to Swallow

Burma, or Myanmar, has recently become a lucrative destination for foreign investors, ever since the election a couple of years ago. For the hydropower industry, the natural resource rich country of Burma is among the last targets with high potential. [...]

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