Help children think outside the box

Above all, the lesson from school assemblies across Thailand is this: Fall into line. Above all, the main point of the frequently humiliating and sadly too often fatal induction and hazing ceremonies at universities across the country is this: The individual [...]

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Environmental activists are once again raising concerns over a proposed hydropower dam on the 4,300 kilometer Mekong River’s lower region in Southern Laos, near the border with Cambodia. The Don Sahong Hydropower project, one of eleven dams proposed for the [...]

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free Sombath Somphone

    Why this is important         Mr. Sombath Somphone has been disappeared since Dec 15, 2012. He is the founder of Participatory Development Training Center (PADETC), Vientiane, Laos. He has been working for 30 years to promote sustainable development [...]

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Ajarn Sombath Somphone is a great role model

“Ajarn Sombath Somphone is a great role model and a realistic practitioner to bring sustainable development in term of education and food security in Mekong region. With his great contribution, strong commitment and high motivation is a great asset for [...]

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Downstream Mekong residents rally against Xayaburi Dam

     Residents from eight provinces along the Mekong River gathered yesterday outside the headquarters of the construction firm Ch Karnchang and Siam Commercial Bank to protest against the companies' role in the construction of the Xayaburi Dam in Laos.            [...]

Mekong plans anger riverside communities

Villagers protest against Xayaburi dam in capita Villagers from along the Mekong River have rallied in front of giant construction firm Ch Karnchang, demanding it immediately suspend building the Xayaburi dam on the waterway. Protesters from eight provinces along the [...]

22,500 petition Mekong govts to stop Xayaburi Dam

Date: December 02, 2011 By: CleanBiz Staff According to a press statement from International Rivers, 22,589 people from 106 countries have submitted an petition to the prime ministers of Laos and Thailand, calling for cancellation of the proposed Xayaburi Dam on the [...]

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Sign the petition to stop Xayaburi Dam

You might have heard about the Xayaburi Dam which planned to build on the Mekong mainstream. It would devastate the river's rich fisheries and deprive millions of local people of food and income. Join the online petition, www.tinyurl.com/SavetheMekong

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What should be the top environmental priority for the next 40 years?

What should be the top environmental priority for the next 40 years? Experts speakers argue their cases ahead of an Earthwatch debate in London this week Mission Critical is a debate hosted by Earthwatch to decide on the most important [...]

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