By Chheng Hour Veng (The voice of Cambodia Youth)

I participated in the 2015 ASEAN Youth Forum which is held in Malaysia where my first time abroad that makes me more independent is, more experiences, most enjoyable and very powerful. I am the one who come from Cambodia that is the countries in ASEAN community, I had meet some youth that is my new friends from Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippine and Singapore, we all the youth of ASEAN that came together to share, learn,exchange, raising the problem and try to solve the problemCam1 together. The problems that we raised on the Forum are development projects, education, sexual diversity, democracy and environmental science. We all coming together for discussing with the natural way, we do by group discussion, not sitting on the chair for discuss but we sit on the floor for more comfortable.

I am proud of myself that I open my mind my door to know the world and to learn the new thing from outside. Also, I am so proud with other youth that live in other countries, they are so friendly, kindly and actively on discussion with us to talking about the how we become together to get the real democracy, how to make sustainable development, how to get the human rights respect, and how to get the equal rights in developing countries.

Cambodia1Last thing, I would like to say thanks so much for Mekong Youth Assembly (Supported by TDH-G) that give me the chance to share my idea, my experiences to other youth in other countries, thanks for giving me the chance to learn, open the world for myself and lets me understand that I am not fighting alone, I have a lot of friends that stay outside for supporting my work which is to build solidarity for the poor people in Cambodia. I hope I can work together with you for society; especially I would try my best to support the people in the province along the Mekong River soon.