People in the Mekong Delta and scientists have opposed construction of Don Sahong Dam in Laos and other dams on the Mekong River, according to the Vietnam Rivers Network (VRN).


Farmers net white-legged shrimp in the Mekong Delta province of Soc Trang. People in the region believe that construction of Don Sahong and other dams on the Mekong River will lead to less aquatic products but more seawater intrusion



They raise their objections in an online survey which VRN conducted from November 13 last year to January 15 this year. The organization on Wednesday announced the findings of the survey in collaboration with Green Innovation and Development Center (Green ID) and the Southwest Steering Committee.

The survey found that only 26 out of 1,196 respondents support construction of the dam. Particularly, all the respondents in the Mekong Delta’s 13 provinces disagreed on the damming project.

This was the first time people in the Mekong Delta had participated in a survey on a project in Laos. According to them, the project and other dams on the Mekong River will not benefit them but result in less alluvium in their fields and aquatic products and more landslides and seawater intrusion.

They proposed the Government work with the authorities of Laos to stop the construction of Don Sahong Dam or delay it to have time to deal with the aforesaid challenges and find solutions to developing clean energy to replace hydropower plants.